Poetry online

2River chapbook Series (2009): How the World was Made (13 prose poems)

The 2River View 20.1 (Fall 2015): Dolphins During a Storm, Plumbing a Pipe

The 2River View 17.3 (Spring 2013): Diaspora, Every Tree is Softly Falling

The 2River View (Fall 2016): All the Beautiful Dead, The Impossible

Big Bridge 17 (2013): Strata

Blazevox (Fall 2015): Trinity-Site's Last Stand

Blazevox (Fall 2016): Selling Magazines to the Joneses

Outside In Travel & Literary Magazine (2014): Sand Storm, I-40

Madhat Lit (Winter 2015): The Chaos Orchestra  

Mudlark Flash No. 34 (2005): The Sixth Sense

Mudlark Poster No. 80 (2009): The Black Edge

Mudlark Flash No. 76 (2013): 6 From "All the Beautiful Dead"

Mudlark Flash No. 108 (2016): Kill-Floor: the last poems of Arthur Rimbaud

Mudlark, Issue 63 (2017): Tidal Flats 

Peacock Journal (2017): Five Sections from "The Close Dark"  

Santa Fe Literary Review (2009): The Beginning of Terror

Santa Fe Literary Review (2013): Crows Cross the Moon

Serving House Journal (2016): March in Denver  

Warrior Poets (2012) (originally in Earth First! Journal, 1996): Order Within/Order Without


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